High Desert Dog Training


Vanessa was very thorough and easy to work with. My dog loves her and is already listening to the commands just after the evaluation. I’m really looking forward to finishing the program to see how much more Vanessa will help us accomplish!

Kynzee M.

Lola- Hound Mix


I am very picky when it comes to dog trainers, especially when I want to develop good traits in Charlie to become a Service Animal down the road. All I can say is that Vanessa is superb with her expertise in training my puppy. If you never thought any one could speak dog language, Vanessa can! We are proud that we went with her!

Mike C.

Charlie - Teacup Yorkie


Vanessa is awesome and very knowledgeable. When she comes into my home my dog knows she means business.

Melissa R.

Hamilton - Pitbull 


Vanessa came to our home and answered our questions to help us to begin training our little Laika. She was very helpful and had a good method of explaining something so we could understand the process. Will definitely refer her to our friends.

Angela Z.

Laika - Maltese


Loved Vanessa! She is so patient and makes sure you understand everything she teaches you before moving on. She also offers email and text support which helped with Tobie. We got him to stop jumping on people and barking like crazy. Wonderful teaching methods and she is so gentle you can tell she really loves dogs

Remi D.

Tobie - Pitbull


Vanessa was beyond helpful! We had a rescue dog who had some aggressive manners. Vanessa came to do the consultation and left us with so many great tips, everything she said worked immediately and we even applied what she taught us to other dogs in the family as well. That same rescue is now a service dog and we have already scheduled with Vanessa to help us complete his training. She’s the best!

Cole C.

Murphy - Pitbull Mix


 I can already see a difference in my dog Vanessa is very patient and takes the time to explain and make sure you are grasping all of the information being provided. Can’t wait to continue our training sessions.

Brianna C

Leia - Black Lab


Vanessa is so patient with our Chacho. Chacho is a 4 month old maltese n
he picks up so well with after just a few classes and we were able to get him groomed without any problems.

Ruthie V.

Chacho - Maltese


The trainer is patient and kind. Her techniques are good. She trains the dog and the owner. My bandit has become calm after just 2 sessions.

Wilbert J.

Bandit - Husky


Vanessa is absolutely amazing! My husband and I love her of course but, our pup Sanford has really taken to her! We went from a scared of everyone and everything puppy to a confident and obedient big boy who is so much more lovable! He is so much better behaved with our older pup and very calm and receptive with our newborn. Vanessa is so knowledgeable but also very personable to the point where I’d be happy to call her a friend! Even though we have Sanford where we want him for now, we will be utilizing Vanessa’s training services again in the near future just to perfect and tweak some new things. Will be recommending her positive reinforcement training to all friends and family! Putting in the homework with our boy consistently, being able to get feedback constantly from Vanessa , and having Vanessa lead us has been amazing! Best decision ever!

Marisa b.

Sanford - Goldendoodle


We are so pleased and excited with the training we have received. Our new puppy, Roxie, who is a 10 month old black lab, was definitely a hand full and needed training and had absolutely no manners. We have had 4 out of 6 sessions and have seen a huge improvement. When Vanessa is over with us, she is so kind and so patient with us and our puppy. She even interacts with our 2 older dogs and sometimes includes them. 

 Vanessa listens to myself and my kids when they have questions or concerns. Always stays over as long as needed to answer all our questions. She has great tips and advice for any problems we have encountered. We have seen such positive things from Roxie and are very happy with the service. Vanessa makes herself available for any questions or concerns between sessions. If you are looking for a trainer for a older or new dog, we high recommend High Desert Dog Training. Thank you so much for all your help

Jen O.

Roxie - Black Lab


Zetta is a very bullheaded dog and gave me so much attitude when I tried to teach him basic commands. Vanessa came in and showed me a different way to talk to him and now he does everything I ask!

Chris D.

Zetta - Italian Greyhound