High Desert Dog Training

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Build a strong, positive training relationship with your dog through communication and mutual respect. Learn how to apply ethologically sound dog training techniques to reinforce desired behaviors. 

Foundational Skills

Basic life skills are important for a happy and healthy dog. Foundational skills include daily health checks, socialization, potty training, and leash etiquette.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowing the "why" behind your dogs behavior is they key to raising a well rounded pup. You will learn everything you need to know about your dog and how to address their behaviors as they develop.

Confidence for a healthy life

A confident dog is a safe and healthy dog. Without the proper skills navigating the trails  in your adventure can feel impossible. Build your pups confidence by learning how to self regulate emotions,  manage impulsive behaviors, and leadership skills to navigate life with confidence. 

Areas of Focus

 Creating a routine that supports your dogs daily health and development.

 Addressing hyperactivity and engagement through physical or mental enrichment.

 Expanding your knowledge of dog body language and, how to use that information to benefit your relationship.

 Relationship and leadership skills to last a lifetime.

cooperative health

From puppies to seniors, daily health and management skills can make or break your furry friends adventure. Learn what works from head to tail.

Daily health management

An ounce of prevention is worth a vet visit or two. Cooperative healthcare opens the door for dogs to participate in their own health and hygiene. From administering medication to clipping nails and brushing teeth. Working together greatly reduces stress in and out of the vet office.

Breed education

Every breed has a history and that history shapes their healthcare. Hip dysplasia, obesity, arthritis, and joint issues can be genetic. With preventative care you can be prepared for the challenges ahead.

knowing what to look for

Allowing your adventure pup to participate in their health care greatly reduces stress. Less stress means things like nail clipping, brushing teeth, and routine checks can be done quickly and quietly. Saving you money and helping our pups stay healthy for life.

Accommodating your dog

Learn ways to ease obstacles in your pup's life and how to best accommodate their needs and abilities. It's easier than you think and makes a world of difference.

Recreational Enrichment

Enrichment exercises the brain and body at the same time and engages all of your dogs senses. Tackle problem behaviors by meeting physical and mental needs

Fun And Games with a purpose

Is your dog is bouncing off the walls and chewing furniture? Is your old dog slowing down physically and mentally? Tackle boredom, destructiveness, depression, and hyper activity with brain games. Great enrichment can be more than trips to the park and out with family. Give your dog the physical and mental challenge they crave.

A Lifetime of wellness

As dogs age they become susceptible to cognitive and physical decline. 

Age and Breed appropriate

What kind of dogs benefit from recreational enrichment? The simple answer is: any dog! 

Enrichment is crucial for every dog no matter the breed, age, or skill level. The health benefits from including fun and engaging every day play to your dogs routine are immeasurable. Keep old bones active, smart minds challenged, destructive behavior at bay!

Monthly Memberships

Ready to get started? Our packages are on a per month structure to make it quick and affordable to get you on your way to a better pup.


Starting at $184/month
  • 45 minute lesson once a week
  • Weekly Check-ins with Flip+
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Starting at $235/month
  • 60 minute lesson once a week
  • Weekly check-ins with Flip+
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Starting at $436/month
  • Two 60 minute lessons each week
  • Access Flip+ video library and check-ins
  • Discounts on toys and treats
  • Free 6 oz bag from the Treat Bar
  • Adventure Club Membership included

Adventure Club

Just $20/month
  • Weekly check-ins with Flip+
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  • Merchandise Discount
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  • Discounted hourly rate