High Desert Dog Training

Discover the future of dog behavior with Family Dog Mediation

Training doesn't have to be difficult. My approach follows a simple formula that is easy to learn. I strive to foster a positive and friendly environment that will help bring you and your puppy closer together. Dog training doesn't have to be exhausting or scary, I promise! Let me show you how to unlock better behavior with intuitive dog training.

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an ethological approach to life long training

Learn the truth about your dog with a realistic approach. Ethology is the study of animal behavior in habitats that closely resemble their natural habitat. Applied Ethology puts a spot light on the relationship between humans and their domesticated companions. Family Dog Mediation combines applied ethology with comprehensive dog training.

Dog Centered Education

See dog behavior through the lens of ethology and look at the WHOLE dog. Our modern world is full of twists and turns for our companions and behavior is only the tip of the iceberg for the challenges dogs experience today. Dig deep and truly discover the Why's behind your dogs behavior and how dog training can help. Explore what an ethological approach to dog training can do for you.

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Build a lifelong understanding using l.e.g.s 

Step outside of the "Obedience Only" dog training mindset and step into a training model that examines how your dogs learning, environment, genetics and self (L.E.G.S) influence their everyday behavior. Bridge the gap between your dogs needs and your own with a user friendly approach to modern dog training and behavior.

Individually Tailored Training

No two dogs are the same, every puppy and dog present their own obstacles. Experience adaptive dog training and coaching structured to best support you and your dogs personal adventure.

In-Depth Education

Take a look at the whole picture and all the little things that define your companion. Learn who your adventure buddy really is and unlock a new level of communication and care. 

Extra Support

Stuck? I can help!  I am here to help you with anything you need. Send me a short video and I can respond with a detailed video of my own.  You have help 
available every step of the way through my exclusive FlipGrid+ community.

promote life long wellness

Life-long wellness for dogs refers to the overall health and well-being of a dog throughout their entire life. To promote life-long wellness for your dog, learn why it's important to take care of their physical, emotional, and behavioral needs in addition to dog training.

Learning at your pace

Whether you like a structured dog training program or you feel like you need a little more time, I want you to move at your own pace. Flexible schedules allow you to make sure you get it right before moving on.

Access a Training Community

Connect to a private community of pet families just like yours with our monthly event calendar. Puppy parties, private workshops, group activities, and much more. Keep the ball moving with dog and people approved fun and games.

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